Virtual Marketing Gets Visual

As much as it pains me to say this as a writer, a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Although I strongly uphold the power of language, it seems that, in our day and age, we want to consume information as quickly as possible. The fact of the matter is, (in most cases) visuals let you do this easier than wordy sentences.

This notion speaks loudly online. In the past year, we’ve seen an increase in YouTube users, both amateur and professional. Facebook has dramatically changed its format from being word-oriented, to visually-oriented. Postings are about pictures now, eye-catching images that you can highlight and pin to the top of your profile or company page for an entire week.

As with every other mode of marketing, we advise you to adapt with these changes. Don’t shy away from online marketing. Devise ways to accentuate your goods and services in a new manner. Here are some quick tips to getting noticed online using imagery:

•Instead of just blogging about your new line of merchandise, post pictures of each product on your Facebook page. Add a catchy word-caption to increasingly engage your audience.

•Tweet those images on a daily basis and provide helpful tips or facts to your customers to go along with them. Use those precious 140-characters to your advantage when describing what you’ve posted.

•Pin your products on Pinterest. Good graphics will spread like wildfire.

•Record demonstrations of the same products on a personalized YouTube channel. People search for How-To tutorials like it’s their job. Give them something to search for—your product.

Being more visually-active online and across several platforms will help you and your business get noticed. The best part? This kind of online marketing is free. You will have to spend some of your time working online, but that’s about it. If done correctly, online marketing can easily go viral. So, remember what you learned in elementary school: show, then tell.

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